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In today's blog post, we're excited to introduce you to the immensely talented Tasha-Nicole Terani. Her long list of achievements is extremely impressive, with one of them being a Golden Wizard Book Prize-winning author of the children's book ‘A Tree for Me’. Our interview left us feeling inspired and buoyant, and we hope it has the same impact on you!

Hi Tasha, As you know, we're big fans of your work here at TGW and are so thankful that you've taken the time to answer some of our questions! Your Instagram presence is truly remarkable, with almost a quarter million followers. Amazingly, you're not only a 9-time world record holder in football but also a model and the CEO of your own soccer system. As a multi-talented individual, how do you balance your various roles and passions in life?

Thank you! I am truly honored that my book, A Tree for Me has been awarded with The Golden Wizard Book Prize. I feel that balancing a multitude of passions and interests is like orchestrating a grand symphony of creativity and determination. It's a delicate dance where each pursuit takes its turn in the spotlight. When I set my sights on a particular goal, I dive headfirst into a world of intense concentration and unwavering dedication, tending to each dream with patience and precision. I am known for my ability to hyper-focus my energies into one goal at a time. Creating harmony among varied interests demands discipline and routine, like a skilled conductor leading a symphony. Over the years, I have truly become an expert at leading the orchestra that is my life! 

Wow, what a beautiful metaphor! So, what inspired you to venture into writing a children's book?

I didn’t set out to become a children’s book author; it happened unexpectedly during a writing retreat in Park City, Utah, where I was working on my memoir after nearly two decades of dedication. Delving into my past, I reflected on a pivotal moment from my childhood when I sought unconditional love, feeling like a stranger in my own family. Visits to a majestic oak tree near my school became a source of solace, where I found a sense of nurture, belonging, and equality that I longed for elsewhere. During that retreat, as I penned my early experiences and my connection with the tree, a realization dawned upon me. The tree's presence seemed to reflect back to me the love and acceptance I needed to give myself. In a moment of introspection, a beautiful poem emerged, capturing the essence of my journey towards self-love and discovery. This spontaneous outpouring of emotions and insights led to the creation of A Tree for Me. 

That is so impactful and certainly makes your book even more inspiring. It's wonderful that children will learn from it that self-care and self-love are essential for personal growth and inner peace, just like the roots of a tree. 

How do you personally practice self-love and ensure that you stay nurtured and balanced?

Every day, I prioritize self-love through simple rituals. Beginning with a morning walk, I let my thoughts flow out through my steps, connecting with the earth beneath me. This practice resonates with my love for nature, cultivated through my passion for football and the grounding sensation of being on the grass. I find joy in exploring different cultures through travel, observing various ways of life, and gaining new insights. I love getting lost in meditational pilates. Years ago, I became a Reiki master, and since then, I have crafted a specialized program where I blend Pilates with Reiki, creating a unique fusion that enhances both physical and spiritual well-being. I have a name for it but I can’t share that with you, it’s my little secret to be revealed at a later time! 

Wow, we're so excited for the big reveal! 

Your work really does capture your passion for nature and well-being in such a beautiful way. What outdoor activity do you enjoy the most?

A few times each month, I engage in calming grounding exercises that help me reconnect with nature and find inner peace. One of my favorite practices is walking barefoot on the beach, feeling the sand between my toes and the soothing rhythm of the waves. I find solace in walking barefoot on the roots of trees and grassy areas, allowing the earth's energy to flow through me and ground my being. These simple yet profound experiences remind me of the themes explored in my book, where finding oneself in nature and being fully accepted by its embrace are central to the journey of self-discovery and inner harmony. To be in touch with, and to understand the power of nature is to understand your own power and potential. 

We agree! And, the message in your book about the boundless potential within each of us is incredibly empowering. What advice would you give to parents who want to help their children realize this potential and develop confidence and self-love?

I firmly believe that children should be assured of unconditional love and support as they navigate their journey through life. It is crucial for them to feel secure in following their hearts and making choices that resonate with their true selves. Reflecting on my own experiences and those of my childhood friends, I have observed that individuals whose parents exhibited strictness often struggle with finding their path and sense of self. In contrast, those whose parents embraced openness and acceptance towards their children's unique qualities tend to possess a greater sense of wholeness and confidence, paving the way for a more fulfilling and authentic life journey. 

Definitely! Such magical words!

And, lastly, what do you hope children will take away from reading your book, "A Tree for Me"? 

The essence I aim to convey through A Tree for Me is the importance of self-reliance and inner strength in shaping our experiences and emotions. Children must understand that seeking validation solely from others can lead to disappointment, while true contentment arises from within. By nurturing self-love and prioritizing personal happiness, individuals can authentically share positivity with others. I seek to inspire children to explore their passions and strive for excellence, fostering a mindset of self-sufficiency and generosity in relationships. Embracing self-imposed challenges is key to personal growth, pushing individuals to discover their capabilities and potential. These challenges serve as catalysts for spiritual and intellectual growth, fostering resilience, determination, and a sense of accomplishment on the journey of self-discovery and continual improvement

So, that's the scoop - this children's book is a surefire way to boost self-acceptance and personal growth!

If this thought-provoking conversation has sparked your interest and you're eager to add this brilliant author's book to your collection (and honestly, who wouldn't be?), we've made it easy for you by including the links to purchase it, as well as their social media handles and website below! 

Tasha-Nicole Terani aka TNT Instagram

A Tree for Me Children’s Book Instagram

A Tree for Me Book on Shopify

Thanks for reading!


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