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Hello and welcome to the blog! 

Our special guest today is the acclaimed author, Fiona Lowry. Through her impactful work, she has positively impacted many lives, and we hope her enthusiasm and optimism will inspire you too!

Stick around till the end to find out what exciting things she has in store for us this year…

Hello Fiona! We've had the pleasure of knowing you for quite some time now, and we're thrilled to have this opportunity to get to know you even better through this interview!

I am very grateful to share my love of writing and author journey with you and your audience. I am humbled and hugely thankful to have been awarded a Golden Wizard Book Prize for all three of my children’s books aged 3-7 years and hope that my journey will inspire other writers, young and old, to follow their dreams.

We are sure it will! We'd love to hear more about your journey to becoming an author. Could you share some interesting facts about yourself and how you discovered your passion for writing?

I grew up outside a little village in Scotland called Saline, with my older brother David, Mum, and Dad. Saline is and always will be my home. It is my relaxing place. The air is clear, the birds and animals are aplenty, and the uninterrupted view toward Stirling, and Wallace Monument is beautiful. I just love it!

Saline could fill a bunch of storybooks in one go! When a hay bale rolled down the hill and hit the corner of the house; to making a gang hut with my brother in an old, disused hen house with booby traps (that he always tested on me first!), building a rope swing, playing cowboys and Indians, football, badminton. The myriad of animals that live in and around the house and countryside. The smell of roses from the bushes in the summer. 

It was the perfect upbringing, and I wouldn’t change a second of it. I am so grateful for the space, freedom, unspoiled protected uniqueness, and independence that came with that. 

As cliché as it sounds, I have always written stories. My mum would often type them out for me on her typewriter as I re-laid them. However, it wasn’t until years later when I had my children that I discovered I truly loved writing. Whilst on a spiritual journey, I found a passion for translating what I was learning into books for children in an ‘everyday’ fashion, encouraging positive thinking, growth, and imagination. 

Wow, living in beautiful Scotland sounds like a dream come true! We are glad it has inspired your wonderful writing but, we can't help but feel a tinge of envy! We're curious to know what your writing setup looks like. Do you have a cozy nook where you let your creativity flow? Tell us more about your creative process and how you find inspiration for your stories…

I do feel blessed to have been brought up in Scotland. It is a beautiful part of the world. 

I have a little writing nook in a small bedroom of my house, where I can disappear during the evenings once the children have gone to bed. This includes a calendar so I can keep track of events I have on, and a pin board where I keep a copy of my vision board, and ideas or notes for the current book I am working on. This is the practical side of being an author, but my inspiration still comes at the most inopportune moments whilst walking in the countryside or through a forest. I have even had a book idea inspired by the bedsheets blowing in the breeze one very sunny morning whilst I enjoyed my breakfast outside. (This is an unusual event in Scotland.)

Many ideas or inspiration come from conversations with my children. They have such a wonderful outlook on life or slant on certain events. Perhaps a silly word that we make up together, which then becomes a conversation on who or what the character might be. For example, I am working on a book with a main character called Phoofywinkles. I find this such a funny word and came from my son suggesting an alternative to ‘fiddlesticks’ one day. From there, I have built an alien world, with a plot full of twists and turns for children aged 9-12 years.

How heartwarming! I bet they're thrilled to know they've inspired your fantastic work. Your books have consistently wowed us, and we've certainly become lifelong fans. If we had to put you on the spot and ask you to choose just one of your books as your favourite, which one would it be? And, what makes that particular book so special to you?

Thank you for your kind words.

This is a difficult question, though I must choose my first book Franco and the Green Light Fairy as my favourite. Not

only because this was my first book with the incredibly talented and sadly missed, Johanna Bruyer, but because the message of the book - to always think positive and look for the best things in life - resonates with children and adults alike. I have received stories from adults who were inspired to follow their dreams, having read Franco and the Green Light Fairy to their grandchildren; and discussions with children and how to focus on creating their perfect career when they are older. For me, that is what it is all about. Inspiring other people to follow their dreams. Whatever age they are.

Franco’s story is also important to remind me everything happens for a reason. I found my illustrator, Johanna, on a website called Upwork and we instantly connected. With the same outlook on life, Johanna understood and believed in the message of my book, seamlessly and perfectly creating the characters. It would not have been the same book with anyone else.

Re-released under the publisher Three Geese and a Gander, this book is now available via online bookstores and libraries worldwide and will always be a memory in Johanna’s honour. 

If I have a day of writer’s block, or if something in life has not gone as I hoped, the Green Light Fairy is a personal reminder to keep looking forward and follow my dreams.

On that note, we must mention how much we adore the "green light fairy" concept. It really is a fantastic tool, not just for children but for adults too! How did you come up with such a brilliant idea?

Haha, yes. Adults appreciate the ‘green light fairy’ concept on a deeper level, which is wonderful. For children, it can be simple. Green means go. Go means happy. Happy equals progress in the right direction. A traffic light system for emotions is good for children to relate to but is intertwined with the idea that if you focus on good things, more good things will happen. 

The idea of the ‘green light fairy’ came about when I was stuck at traffic lights with my children. I had recently read The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, so the concepts were fresh in my mind, and when my children were complaining, fed up waiting at the red lights, I instinctively suggested thinking of the ‘green light fairy’ and the lights would change to green. Both my children repeated the same phrase and instantly the lights changed to green. They felt they had created magic! It was an incredible feeling and a catalyst for teaching my children that what you think about, comes about, so always try to think good thoughts.

How wonderful that a magical book originated from such a magical moment!

Your writing unquestionably has an ability to inspire, radiate positivity and bring immense joy to those who read it. Every book you create holds great significance in promoting the mental well-being of children. If you had to teach children just one vital life lesson through your stories, what would it be?

My wish is for children to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. Of course, life may feel like it gets in the way for a while, school or homework, hobbies, family, but everything happens for a reason, just when it is meant to. If children remember to use their imagination and are aware of the world around them in only that moment, anything is possible.

Yes! Agreed!

And, lastly, we're excited to hear about your future plans. We're crossing our fingers for even more books from you! Could you share with us any upcoming projects or ideas you have in mind?

Excitingly, I have a new book due out in Autumn 2024. This is a rhyming story for ages 5-7 years, where you can celebrate friendship's ups and downs in Mousey Mornings. Melvin's unwavering devotion is tested as Zara takes him for granted. Will their bond endure? Join them on a heartwarming journey of discovery, where they learn the true value of friendship. 

I am very excited to share news on this over the coming weeks. 

My second book, Felix’s Favourite Day has been re-released by Three Geese and a Gander, for purchase via online bookshops worldwide; and I also have my first chapter book, for ages 9-12 years first drafted. This has been a step into the unknown for me and has been a hugely enjoyable process. I am working through the story of Phoofywinkles with my editor and although it has a long way to go yet, I can’t wait to share it with the world when it is ready. 

Readers are welcome to follow progress and updates on my books by subscribing to my newsletter via or follow me on social media. 

Well, the future is definitely looking bright for Fiona Lowry and her amazing talent! 

If you haven't already, we strongly suggest taking a look at her remarkable creations through the links provided below and keeping up with her latest updates by following her on Instagram.

Thank you for reading! 

We're now heading off to plan a trip to Scotland!


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