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We had the incredible opportunity to interview the legend 'Scuba Steve' for this blog. From exploring the depths of the ocean to imparting swimming skills to children, and even pursuing his passion for writing, Scuba Steve's life is nothing short of extraordinary. We feel privileged that he spared some time to answer our questions and hope you find it as inspiring and engaging as we did. 

We are huge admirers of your work here at TGW, Scuba Steve! Could you please share a bit about yourself and how the idea for the series first came about? It’s always fascinating to learn about the creative process behind such engaging stories.

Thank you. I’m a little bit of everything as I don’t fit into any one box. For the past 39 summers, I’ve been teaching children how to swim here on Long Island where I work at a summer camp. Camp is less structured than school so it’s the kind of place where imaginations run wild. Children have a different relationship with their counselors than they do with their schoolteachers. They’re more like friends. Due to the inherent danger at the pool, there’s even more trust needed between campers and their swim instructor/lifeguard. Because of this, some crazy stories arise. I’ve found a way to create a world in which they learn while having fun, by telling stories and using imagination. Some stories are fact, some are fiction, and some are fact-based fiction based on my life as a scuba diver. My real-life adventures oftentimes become the stories behind the stories. After years of telling these tales, I was encouraged to “put pen to paper.” Thus began “The Tales of Scuba Steve.” “The Tales” take my real-life scuba diving adventures and blend it with my job teaching children to swim. In the books, there are lessons to be learned. Lessons about the environment, lessons about different places, all sorts of lessons.

We are extremely delighted that you did, you possess an exceptional talent for writing. Not only do your series contain valuable lessons, but they are also brimming with exhilarating adventures. Have you ever noticed any similarities between the excitement in your books and your own life?

As mentioned above, the adventures in the books are indeed based on my own life and adventure. While much is fact-based, there are some literary embellishments to add to the storyline. People write what they know. I know scuba diving and stuff about the environment so that’s what I write about. As I write, there are times my inner 12 year old comes out, and to answer your question, I wish my life was as exciting as some of the things that happen in the books. I would love to embellish in real life too! I’m not going to lie, there are times I get confused between the books and my life and it gets hard to differentiate.

Your vibrant and adventurous spirit definitely shines through in all of the books you've written, as well as your passion for scuba diving. With your extensive experience as a scuba diver, you must have explored some incredible underwater locations. Can you share with us your favourite place to scuba dive?

I have explored many wonderful places this planet has to offer. I’ve seen beautiful reefs, sunken ships, explored under thick sheets of ice, crystal-clear waters as well as black water where visibility is next to nothing. Travelling the world is great as you get to see new places and experience new cultures and all that comes with it, but my favorite place to dive is right here in my backyard: the waters off Long Island, NY. Why? While the water is cold (we have gear for that) and not as clear as other places, we have lots of different kinds of shipwrecks with our longstanding maritime history some good, some not-so-good. And, there’s no travel involved so it can happen more frequently.

It's great to see that you're utilising your vast experience and exploration in your writing. We're curious, among all the books in your series, do you have a personal favorite? If you do, what sets that particular book apart for you?

Well, I have different favorites for different reasons. “Honu’s Reef” the first book in the series, will always hold a special place in my heart as it was first. Learning a lot from reader feedback, as well as my experience, subsequent books took a big leap in the storylines and lessons to be learned. That said, “Isfjell Point” is the most recent release and is favorite based on the story development, lessons, and collaborations with photographers, organizations and more.

Lastly, what exciting plans do you have in store for Scuba Steve in the future, and how can eager readers get their hands on your captivating books?

Let’s see, I cannot tell you the plans, you’ll have to read for yourself. What I can say, is that we will be exploring new and exciting places, meeting new animal friends that readers may not otherwise be able to get to other than with Scuba Steve! My books are available everywhere books are sold. Read4Reefs!

We can't wait to read more here at TGW and will be following along closely on this fantastic author's journey. 

For those who want to dive deeper into the world of 'Scuba Steve,' we've shared some helpful links to check out and connect with the author on social media. 


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