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The Golden Wizard Book Prize is the world's most prestigious children's book awards program that recognizes only the best children's literature. It is an opportunity for you to receive recognition for your magical work!


It's a stamp of approval that proves you've met our exceedingly high standards and produced an outstanding children's book that will be read over and over again.

We believe books are like magic wands that transform children into wizards and witches, giving them the power to experience mindfulness and enchantment, far from their everyday world. We also believe books can change lives for the better, by making children feel understood, empowered, loved and safe.

We're proud to support amazing authors; the magicians, who make our readers' imaginations fly! 

What is The Golden Wizard Book Prize?

children's book prize winner
children's book awards prize winner
children's book awards prize winner
children's book awards prize winner
children's book awards prize winner

As a winner you'll be in good company among some of the most respected children's authors making it a commanding benchmark of excellence.

children's book awards winner 2022

Why apply?

It's a fact: A seal of approval is an instant credibility booster.

Winning a book prize can give you an edge over other authors and help boost sales of your book, as well as raise your profile, generate better publicity and improve your morale.

The Team

All submissions are subject to an evaluation process by our team of expert evaluators to ensure our seal only honours the best of the best children's literature.

The team is made up of qualified childcare practitioners, preschool teachers, early years professionals,

award-winning authors, illustrators and professional writers with a vast knowledge of the book industry.  

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