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In this blog, we are beyond excited to showcase the incredible works of Vishnul Jain, the brilliant mind behind the epic YA fantasy series ‘The Future King’. 

Jain is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration, and he has some valuable insights to offer for those who want to emulate his success. Keep reading to find out more about his journey and the wisdom he has to offer.

To start, could you please share a brief introduction about yourself and how you ventured into the world of writing YA fantasy books.

I was born in Adelaide, Australia. I moved to the US when I was a few years old and have lived here ever since. I am an avid mythology and history enthusiast. Mythology is the essence of human civilization and upon traveling the world, I began to appreciate mythology’s impact on cultures. My admiration for mythology made a significant impact on my story writing. Moreover, I have an innate love for gemstones. I have been faceting gemstones, including colored diamonds, for years. Much like mythology, gemstones tell a deep-rooted story; a story of the Earth itself. These components are ingrained in my novels. Growing up, magic, science fiction, and fantasy colored my imagination. They provided hope, optimism, and most importantly endless possibilities. When I create magical worlds and characters, I am able to imbue these positive elements. So, it became my driving force to write young adult (YA) fantasy novels. I hope that the next generation of young readers and readers young at heart will use these books to do the same for them.

Your books are bound to elicit a comparable influence, as they are brimming with inspiration, hope, and enchantment stemming from the wealth of mythological and historical allusions. What is it that draws you to these topics and how did you acquire such extensive knowledge?

Mythology is the original form of storywriting that references heroes. From Krishna, Hercules, Arjuna, Thor, Odysseus, Perseus, Rama, Arthur, and so many others, stories with heroes provide generations of people with concepts of hope, optimism, and even defiance. They provide us with the basic constructs of defining how good must tackle evil. This is the foundation of what draws me to these amazingly intriguing myths and historical references. My acquisition of this knowledge stems from a voracious appetite for reading but that itself, I felt, is not enough. I traveled the world and immersed myself in the origin of these myths and did my best to experience all facets of their impact on the local cultures. It took me years of letting the myths marinate in my head to draw from them!

Your dedication has definitely paid off, as the outcome is remarkable, and so are your writing talents! Tell us, where did you refine your craft and cultivate your distinctive style?

Thank you so much! It is truly a mixture of everything I have read over the years. I pick up on elements from each book or article that left me thinking, asking for more, or amazed me. These effective elements provide the basis of my writing style. I have written and edited magazine articles (albeit obviously other styles and genres!) that gave me a foundation and background to write. In the end, a good writer is one who keeps learning, practicing, and improving. I hope to do just that!

Agreed, and as we’re discussing elements that impact your work, would you mind elaborating on your writing process and how you crafted such an engaging plot for your books?

It’s a meticulous process! To me, my storywriting process begins with detailed world-building. It is an essential foundation. A visual map, sketches of important landmarks, and an interactive drawboard begin each of my writing journeys. Each character must have a complex personality/psychology, quirks, faults, aspirations, and how they potentially interact with another character, selective group, or a situation. The plot is a conglomeration of this process. Subplots and twists and turns are important for the longevity of the story writing process; these engaging elements pepper my writing. The more four-dimensional the plot is, the more real and engaging it is. The most important part of my writing process is writing late at night (when my kids are asleep) and having a cold glass of Mountain Dew to get the creative juices flowing!

Your method is evidently effective, as your creations are undeniably captivating and the storylines exceptional. With your extensive expertise, what advice would you offer to aspiring children's authors who strive to achieve similar success in the genre?

If you can make a positive impact on someone who reads your book, then that is true success. Also, success typically doesn’t come on the first attempt. Much like the undertone to my book series, second chances are the path to success. The universe is all about probabilities – so keep trying! Do not shy away from trying again after a failure. We are defined by how we pick ourselves back up.

That is so true and crucial to keep in mind. Your contributions have undoubtedly made a positive impression on us at TGW and you are unquestionably one of our most beloved YA fantasy authors.  Do you have a favourite fantasy book that has left a lasting impact on you?

There are so many! I live in fantasy books! Series like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Goosebumps left me dreaming that the fantasy world should be real! Magic, monsters, and gods made the world so much more colorful. They served as powerful symbols and beacons for real-world counterparts that made the counterparts more palatable and larger than life.

This powerful sentiment certainly shines through in your work too!

Before we wrap up, can you provide any hints or insights into your upcoming projects or what readers can expect from your future works?

It’s hard for me to keep secrets, but I have to! The Future King will be a multi-novel series. I am just getting started. Merlin has just begun to spread his wings. Book three will delve into his psyche, growth, and to some extent his past, and the impact on his future. There will be more magic, more fantastical creatures, and more beautifully complex villains. This next book will involve an important green diamond. Green is the color of renewal, right? Audiobooks for the first two books are in the works and potentially something on the silver screen. Did I say too much?!

Well, what a way to wrap up the blog! This incredible author really knows how to pique our curiosity and leave us eagerly anticipating what's to come!

For those keen to witness their remarkable talent firsthand, we have included some links below for you to explore.


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